Recent Sermons

Core Behaviors

Passionate Commitment
We turn from minimal expectations, chase excellence in everything we do, and challenge one another to give our best to the work of God’s kingdom.

Continuous Improvement
We never stop learning and growing, but respond to every opportunity to reach our full kingdom potential.

Culture of Honor
We honor those who have laid the path before us and bless those who labor among us, as we embrace a new generation before us.

We believe God has a plan for every church and ministry and we are committed to discover and implement His plan.

Holy Spirit Empowerment
We desperately seek the power of the Holy Spirit, the only means by which we can reach the lost and fulfill the commission we have received.

Extravagant Faith
We live in full anticipation that God will do in our church those things we are willing to believe Him for and trust Him to do.

Outward Focus
We actively share in Christ’s mission to reach those outside our church rather than remain mired in the self-focus of personal preferences and comfort.

Generosity Mindset
We embrace life with an open hand and not a clenched fist, knowing that God will provide what we need to fulfill His will.

We commit to serve one another and cease to compete, so we can help each other succeed. We are jealous for one another, not of one another.

Servant Leadership
We are free to serve and grow (disciple) people with a pure heart because we know we are in Christ.