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The Church That We Can Be
April 27, 2013

The Church That We Can Be

Passage: James 2:26, Matthew 16:13–20, 1 Peter 2:4–10
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Defining the church that we can be...

Core Belief: The Lordship of Jesus
The Foundation of the Church begins with the individual Confession of the Lordship of JesusHaving believed, we must grow up in Him

We grow individually as we continue to draw near to God and learn to obey Him

Drawing near to God means seeking Him:
Through worship and prayer
Through reading and study of scripture
Through meeting together in celebration with other believers
Through close interaction with other believers in a small group

Learning to obey God means:
Aligning my thoughts, attitudes and actions with His character
Discovering His gifts in my life that I might bring Him Glory
Being equipped by my Pastor to fulfill God’s highest purpose
Being a co-laborer with Christ to bring His message to the whole world

II. We grow corporately as we meet together, love one another and serve together

Meeting together means:
Sunday celebration is significant
Small group interaction is vital

Loving one another means:
I don’t show up for me, I show up for you
I share my life by sharing my stuff
I give as well as receive from others

Serving together means:
In Christ, we have something to offer to others
We serve others: both believers and unbelievers alike, so they may see our deeds and glorify our Father
We fulfill His corporate plan for Lighthouse as we serve alongside the larger Body of Christ

The Church that we can be is a church:
Where all generations participate together in the life and goodness of the Spirit of God
Where the Presence of God is not only talked about but expected and experienced
Who will pray the price for the salvation of both our local and global community
Who will give sacrificially to see the next generation of believers raised up and released
Who live in such grace and freedom, outsiders want to know the secret
Where you are loved even before you are known
Where God’s supernatural life is an everyday occurrence, but never becomes common

This can happen if we:
Encounter God- in new and deeper ways
Love People- both the familiar and the foreign
Serve Community- by sharing the burden of the people around us

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