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Nathan Ashley

Nathan Ashley

Sports Team: Ducks

Restaurant: Sergios

Favorite Movie: Batman

Favorite Non-Fiction Book: A Long Way Gone

Favorite Album: DMB Live Trax 13

Favorite Song: This I Believe

Favorite Download: History of Rome

Favorite Podcast: Communion Sanctorum

Favorite Website: youtube

Favorite TV Show:  The Office

Favorite Food:   Any form of pizza

Favorite Candy Bar: Butterfingers

Favorite Scripture Verse:  1 John 4:4

Craziest Thing I have Ever Done: Hike 2,165 miles in one trip with my brother

Interesting fact that most would not know about me or my family: I’ve lived in at least 6 states and have visited most

What am I reading right now: Good Leaders ask Great Questions by John C. Maxwell

What I like to do when I’m not at work: kayak, snowboard and chill with me familias